Investments in higher education are needed to increase access to higher education in Brazil, to accelerate technological innovation, and to combat widespread corruption. These are some key conclusions of the 11th Brazilian Conference on Private Higher Education (“CBESP XI”), convened by ABMES, the Brazilian Association of Organisations Maintaining Higher Education, held in June on the […]

The IFSR Conversations on Systems Science that took place in April 2018, in the Austrian city of Linz, were the first I participated in. They have proven to be an almost priceless opportunity to converse and work for a week with fellow-systems practitioners and to discuss, define and elaborate solutions for challenges in our societies. […]

  How to get the right leadership to lead a business in a viable way while contributing materially to sustainable development? This article explores the necessity to take a long-term approach to business development, the nature of solution design by leaders, and their implications for getting the right leadership for long-term viable and sustainable business […]

  Agile: transformation design approach or organisation blueprint? We see many organisations adopting Agile Business Transformation solutions. While Agile business transformation focus on fast and flexible business digital transformation, the Agile approach also installs a production organisation: the collection of organisational arrangements that divides and links production tasks, including the information handling and decision-making tasks […]

Earlier this year, I had a conversation with the Brazilian agricultural journal Dinheiro Rural (“Rural Money”). Farmers are proving that it is perfectly possible to produce soy beans sustainably and be recognised for it by the market.

Conversations about Green Bonds – capital market bond instruments to fund capital investments with clear environmental benefits – share several conclusions most capital market parties agree on. First, Green Bond markets should further develop and grow in terms of their monetary value to help finance the investments with clear environmental benefits, for example those needed […]

Architects, painters, designers, builders used to work together and made every effort to visualise and implement their dreams and proposals for future generations, while simultaneously visually challenging the cultures, politics and designs of their times. Impressive examples can be found in “Utopia 1900-1940. Visions of a New World” by the Lakenhal Museum and Nai10 Publishers. […]